Entertainment Law

What is Entertainment Law?

A field of law which focuses on providing legal services to those within the entertainment industry such as: music, film, sports, dance, literature, visual arts, internet and television. This often includes drafting contracts and filings, negotiation and mediation, and may even lead to litigation.

Related to intellectual property,

including trademarks and copyright, entertainment law may even intersect with various other fields of law such as employment & labor law, the right of publicity, right of privacy, defamation, clearance of rights, and advertising.



AV Legal & Entertainment provides strategic advice and counsel to the diverse film and television industries. We can assist in the structure, negotiation, and execution of a wide range of agreements for a wide range of industry participants, including motion picture studios, cable and broadcast TV networks, companies, and more! We can also provide pre-broadcast and production review for defamation, copyright violations, and other issues, as well as chain-of title clearance review.

Services Offered:

First-look agreements, rights acquisitions, sponsorship and product-placement , talent and other production-related agreements, financial and investor agreements, content-licensing agreements, intellectual property protection and more!

Social Media/Influencer

Instagram Famous?

The social media landscape is constantly changing as new platforms emerge and the government tightens its grip on those who make a living online. Furthermore, while influencer and endorsement deals can provide significant benefits, there are legal risks. To ensure a successful arrangement, you should rely on experienced legal counsel. Our job at AV Legal & Entertainment is to handle the legal aspects of your business so you can focus on your creativity!

Services Offered:

Influencer agreements,  sponsorship agreements, intellectual property protection, endorsements, and name-image-likeness (NIL) deals, and more.


Walking the runway next Fashion Week?

In the fashion industry, you must concentrate on both your outfit and your business.You need someone who understands your business, needs, and goals, no matter who you are in the industry. There are numerous legal issues in the fashion industry that can have an impact on production, business operations, and profitability. AV Legal & Entertainment is capable of handling sophisticated matters for clients in all aspects of fashion.

Services Offered:

FTC compliance, intellectual property,  sales agreements, licensing agreements, product sales, brand negotiations with fashion and apparel manufacturers , and more.

Musicians, Producers, and Dancers

All Entertainers Alike.

Musicians, producers, and dancers must be able to rely on attorneys to represent them in a variety of business matters. They require someone to assist them in career decisions and to collaborate closely with their agent or manager. Attorney Ashly Valenzuela has a wealth of experience gained through years of providing strategic counsel to entertainment executives and talent. She’ll often be able to act as a “quasi-manager,” collaborating with your agent or manger to ensure yourcareer runs smoothly.

Services Offered:

Intellectual property protection, branding, contract drafting and negotiations, contract disputes, merchandising and licensing, right of privacy issues, royalties issues, collaboration agreements, option agreements, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, talent management and production agreements, and more.

Child Stars

From Gerber to Disney Channel,

the entertainment industry is unfortunately full of deception, and your child’s legal rights should not be subjected to this harsh reality without a zealous advocate on your side.

An entertainment lawyer can review the legal obligations and wording of the agreement whenever a child has captured the attention of an agent or manager and is presented with a legal document. They can be a part of your child’s team to provide personalized attention and best serve your child’s safety in the workplace and bank account.

Services Offered:

Intellectual property protection, contract drafting and negotiations, pitch representation and more.

AV Legal & Entertainment is there to protect your child in a neutral setting, where we can guide you and help you understand your child’s working conditions and your rights as a parent.

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